V. Cup

In 1972 we decided to enlarge our mute family by adding cup mutes. We started out with a cup mute for C or Bb trumpet and later added cup mutes for Eb trumpet, piccolo trumpet and tenor trombone. Our original cup mutes were with a fixed cup. The advantage of the fixed cup mute is that a cup can simply be put on a good straight mute, which we already had. The disadvantage is that once the mute is adjusted for a particular bell size it only works well with that instrument or one like it. We are now also producing an adjustable cup mute, with the obvious advantage of being able to adjust the cup for different instruments and different volumes. With the fixed cup cup mute, we find that the distance from mute rim to bell should be from 1/4 to 1/2 inch.

The first cup mute patent in the USA was in 1899, not too different from modern fixed cup cup mutes. The cup mute is an integral part of the jobbing trumpeters must have mutes, straight, cup and Schlusselberg (Harmon). The Humes-Berg fixed cup mute was for years the main cup mute used, now there are many, ours among the best.