New GEMINI Straight Mute

After extensive design, development and testing in the secret sordino cellars of the Tom Crown Mute Co. we are happy to introduce the new Gemini straight mute, endorsed by the trumpet section of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the trumpet section of the Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra, Andrea Lucchi and Omar Tomasoni of the Orchestra Santa Cecilia, Rome and Alexis Demailly of the Paris Opera Orchestra. 


The Gemini is a twin to the classic Tom Crown straight mute, but slightly larger, and with differences in tone color and response. It is in our estimation the ideal orchestral metal straight mute. 

John Hagstrom, 2nd Trumpet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Tom Crown's new "Gemini" mute is excellent. All of his mutes possess excellent intonation and evenness of sound quality, but this new mute may be the finest yet! Upon receiving several for testing in the CSO, we were so impressed that we used them for the very next concert. In addition to playing well on their own, the sound of them together in a section makes blending and tuning much easier. I have used it regularly ever since, and I strongly encourage anyone who needs the very best metal straight mute to do the same!

Markus Bebek, Assistant Principal Trumpet, Frankfurt Opera Orchestra, Frankfurt Germany

This is what a straight mute should be.

Exactly like a trumpet player's lifelong search for the perfect trumpet and perfect mouthpiece is his or her search for the perfect straight mute. Not every mute plays in tune or has a good sound or adapts to different musical styles. Seldom is the trumpeter satisfied with the "sordino" he finds. Tom Crown has changed all this with the new Gemini straight mute.

Tom Crown, who for many years played in the Lyric Opera Orchestra of Chicago, has with his mutes changed the brass world. His mutes are of the best quality and carefully made. The Gemini straight mute is a new addition to his line of mutes, but certainly does not replace the classic Tom Crown straight mute.

Gemini, "twin", is therefor the chosen name. However. one should preferably have both models.

Players from the Chicago Symphony, the Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Paris Opera, the Santa Cecilia Roma Orchestra, Malcomb McNab, Hollywood studio trumpeter and many others in all fields of music now play the Gemini straight mute.

In tests, the Gemini is totally convincing. Its strengths lie in 'its outstanding intonation, the clear centered tone, and the different tone colors possible. In the low register the tone is lush and full and the critical low G and F# are perfectly in tune.

The qualities of the Gemini are especially related to its shape. The mute's dimensions are somewhat larger giving it a darker, fuller tone and excellent response.

For me it is the perfect metal straight mute for use in a symphony orchestra as well as in other musical groups. It is also finally a mute that works equally well with the piston valve or rotary valve trumpet in Bb or in C..

The Gemini mute is available in aluminum (for me the best choice) aluminum with a brass end (somewhat darker0 with a copper end (darker yet) all brass, (very centered tone) and all

Matthew Comerford, Co-Assistant Principal Trumpet, Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra

Continuing the tradition of creating trumpet mutes of the finest quality, Tom Crown's new Gemini Mute is fantastic. The sound is all that you need in a metal trumpet mute with a wonderful muted quality throughout the trumpet's range at any dynamic level. Pitch is just great. With corks properly adjusted, pitch is the same as playing without a mute in the horn.

Whether for Puccini, Wagner, Strauss, Britten, or any other composer and style, this mute is the perfect choice.

Channing Philbrick, Co-Assistant Principal Trumpet, Chicago Lyric Opera Orchestra.

Bravo on your new design! It plays so evenly, freely, with such great sound and projection. We are using them throughout "Fanciulla" and for the one muted spot in "Lohengrin".

Andrea Lucchi, Principal Trumpet Santa Cecilia Orchestra, Rome.

I received your mute today and it's fantastic! I tried it with my colleague the other principal trumpet Omar Tomasoni and we decided to make our Orchestra buy five of these straight mutes for our section.

Alexis Demailly, Paris Opera Orchestra

Thank you for the "gemini" mute , it's very nice mute with a very nice tone and sound, the sound volume is impressive.

(Alexis ordered 10 Gemini mutes for his colleagues and students)

Marc Goudon, Principal trumpet Paris Opera

Cher Tom

j'ai bien reçu les sourdines Gemini ! Formidable !

Je l'ai utilisée le soir même à l'Opéra pour Salomé. Toute la section de trompette jouait les Gemini, et nous avons été ravi !

Le son est très beau, et la justesse impressionnante. De plus, elles sont très facile à jouer.

Merci pour ces magnifiques sourdines !