Practice Mutes

front view 
TPM - Trumpet practice mute 
PTPM - Piccolo trumpet practice mute

side view 
TPM - Trumpet practice mute 
PTPM - Piccolo trumpet practice mute

Attention Trumpeters!

Tom Crown Mutes has added two new mutes to its extensive line of metal trumpet mutes, a trumpet practice mute for Bb, C, or D trumpet and a piccolo trumpet practice mute. These mutes are also ideal for very soft muted orchestral or solo passages.

The new Tom Crown practice mutes, compared with other practice mutes, are very free blowing and very, very soft. This, plus excellent intonation, make them a great addition to the trumpet player's tools.

Need to practice some more before the performance tomorrow? Going to an audition? It's late and you don't want to bother the neighbors? Worried about warming up in church before that B Minor Mass? Here is the ideal solution.

The Tom Crown trumpet and piccolo trumpet practice mutes are perfect for any quiet, practice setting or for muted orchestral or solo passages that must be played softer than pianissimo.

John Hagstrom, a member of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra trumpet section, Gabriele Cassone, leading Italian trumpet virtuoso, Giuliano Sommerhalder, first trumpet of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, and his father Max, trumpet teacher at the Hochschule für Musik in Detmold, Germany have endorsed the mutes.

John says: "I have had the good fortune to test Tom Crown's new practice mutes for the trumpet and the piccolo trumpet. They both offer a responsiveness and evenness of resistance that is as good as any practice mute that I have tried. The best feature, however, is the excellent intonation in all registers. If you have had difficulties finding a practice mute that does not distort your trumpet's characteristics to the extreme, these mutes are the perfect answer. I will look forward to using them both regularly!"

Gabriele says: "Una sordina ideale per passaggi orchestrale pianissimo ma che devono avere brilliantezza di suono." Translation: An ideal mute for pianissimo orchestral passages that also must have a brilliance of sound.

Giuliano says, "We like your practice mutes very much, they are very well in tune." Max says: "These are the first practice mutes I have had that don't feel like you are driving with the emergency brake on."


Giuliano Sommerhalder and his father Max