John Hagstrom: Second Trumpet, Chicago Symphony Orchestra 

Andrea Lucchi: 1st trumpet Santa Cecilia Orchestra Rome.

Doctor Valve: Steve Winans, trumpet restoration and repair expert.

Gabriele Cassone: Baroque trumpet virtuoso.

Peter Baumann: Maker of trumpets, bass trumpets, tenor horns, Wagner tuben.

Schilke Music Products Company: Brass instrument manufacturer.

Andrea Giuffredi: - Italian jazz, pop, symphonic soloist.

Ole Edvard Antonsen: - Honky Tonk Woman.

Vintage Mutes: Dutch Uithoven, antique mute collector, historian, jazz blues artist.

Giuliano Sommerhalder: First trumpet of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.

The Slide Doctor: Lightening fast slides, meticulous service!