Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How do you take care of a mute?

Answer: Not much care is needed. Try not to drop it. If you drop a mute during a concert, try to not look guilty. The conductor might think it was someone else.

Question: Is there a guarantee on Tom Crown Mutes.

Answer: There is no formal guarantee, but I will replace any defective mute free of charge, without argument.

Question: What is the life span of a mute?

Answer: Given normal use, not run over by a car, a mute will last indefinitely.

Question: What are the differences of tone color and response of aluminum, copper end and brass end mutes?

Answer: Different types of metal definitely affect the mute’s tone quality and response, much as different metals used in a bell affect a trumpet’s tone quality and response. It is very difficult to describe what these differences are, however. One person’s “dark” is another person’s “dead”; another person’s “bright” is someone else’s “tinny.” To me, the Tom Crown all-aluminum straight mute is bright, the brass-end mute less bright or somewhat dead, and the copper-end or the all- copper mute is dark.

Question: What is the history of the mute

Answer: Look at the Powerpoint Presentation "Mutes From Monteverdi to Miles" under the Learn tab.